Timber frame homes employ a building system which usually delivers a structural timber frame as the primary method of support. The structural timber frame is produced in our Fife based factory then shipped out to site. Once on site, the timber frame panels are erected to form the inner walls of the property which is then clad or completed with bricks, stonework or whichever components are specified to meet the layout criteria and planning specifications.

Timber Frame construction eliminates the weather dependent and time-consuming traditional blockwork inner leaf from the building process. This enables the roof structure to be constructed and finished in advance of the external cladding or brickwork. Consequently, the building is weatherproof in as quick as three weeks, ready to acquire the initial first fix tradesmen, saving precious time and budget.

  • Designed to the finest degree of precision and engineering.
  • Minimal effect on the environment using sustainable resources
  • Increased efficiency
  • Offers certainty and increased control to the build process.
  • Satisfies and frequently surpasses minimum building requirements.